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Found this blog saved but unpublished. Posting it only 4 yrs late.

Quick note on running deployment procedures (DPs) using EMCLI verbs. Here we use the example of creating databases.

1. Run the DP once from the UI

2. Capture the data from this instance run

emcli get_instances -type=DBPROV

-> copy execution guid from your instance run

emcli get_instance_data -exec=<exec_guid> > instanceData.properties

3. Now modify the values in the properties file

4. submit the procedure with the modified properties file

emcli submit_procedure -input_file=data:modified-instanceData.properties -procedure=<procedure guid> -instance_name=emcli_test1

This will spit out output like:

Schedule not specified, defaults to immediate.


Deployment procedure submitted successfully

5. Check status of DP using the instance ID printed below.

emcli get_instance_status -instance=04CE42977F071862E0535C56F20A6A8F

Here are the documentation links:

Provisioning Using EM CLI


Example: Provisioning Oracle Database Software